Ashampoo Magical Optimizer 1.22

Ashampoo Magical Optimizer 1.22

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It`s a fact! Over time, all PCs become cluttered with unnecessary Internet files and invalid entries are injected into system registry. If not maintained, computer performance significantly deteriorates over time. Thankfully, Ashampoo Magical Optimizer can reclaim this lost performance. A single mouse click of the mouse is all thats needed to begin an onslaught of cleaning deep within the heart of the PC. In spite of its complicated work, Ashampoo Magical Optimizer is especially easy to use. In only a few minutes time, Ashampoo Magical Optimizer removes stagnant and unnecessary files from the hard drive, deletes Internet tracks (thereby insuring privacy), and the registry is streamlined by erasing invalid and orphaned entries. Best of all, optimization can be tailored to the preference of every user! Features overview Lean & smooth tool: Quickly starts, insignificant use of storage capacity only Easy to use: only a single click is needed begin cleaning Three different cleaning modes: Internet Cleaner: wipe out online tracks instantly Drive Cleaner: clean hard disc of redundant an unecessary files Registry Cleaner: streamline the registry the central data base of Windows Manual start of individual cleaning modules Make Backups of deleted files Statitistical History: shows which files were deleted and when Updates can be downloaded via the Internet Multilanguage support

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